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Jetzt von MusicTime auf Encore wechseln! Unsere Empfehlung: Jetzt von MusicTime auf Encore Notation wechseln!
  • Encore für Windows mit Menüführung auf deutsch!

  • Alle (auch sehr alten) MusicTime Dateien sind voll kompatibel mit Encore Notation und können in Encore eingeladen und weiter bearbeitet werden.

  • Encore bietet alle Funktionen von MusicTime und noch viele mehr!

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    Dieses zeitlich begrenzte Upgrade Angebot gilt auch für Besitzer von anderer Notensatz Software wie Sibelius, Capella, Dorico, Finale, Mozart, Vivaldi, Magicscore, Notensatz-Genie...


Encore 5 for Windows / Mac now availbale !!
Encore 5 Windows & Mac Software Encore für Windows jetzt auch auf deutsch!

Order Encore 5 now! Jetzt bestellen!

Editing Features

  • Insert MIDI data for dynamics, controller data, and tempos.
  • Customizable Toolbar for quick access to frequently used commands.
  • Zoom in and out for precise control.
  • Expressions palette allows you to save your own expressions in any font, size, or style.
  • Guitar tablature symbols palette contains all the markings and symbols needed for notating tab.
  • Slur a group of notes automatically or draw slurs with the pencil tool.
  • Place objects anywhere on the page by clicking the mouse.
  • Select regions, pages, staves, systems, or the entire score for editing.
  • Transposition automatically affects chord symbols and fret diagrams.
  • Key commands to change note durations, sharps, flats, naturals, enharmonics, and MIDI velocity.
  • Transpose, change key signatures, meters, and clefs at any time.
  • Display and play back nested repeat structures, including variable bar lines and multiple endings.
  • Easily cut, copy, paste, clear, insert, delete, or undo notes or sections of music.
  • Symbols include: notes, rests, accidentals, slurs, ties, grace notes, cue notes, tuplets, accents, marks, ornaments, ottava, and dynamics marks.
  • Adjust the height and angle of beams and create Beam Groups.
  • Justify spacing for both accidental collisions and proper timing alignment.
  • Split notes from one staff onto two staves, either by pitch or voice.
  • Select from eight note-head types, including Gregorian and percussion.
  • Automatically extract parts with control over lyrics and markings.
  • Enter text or lyrics anywhere on the page in any font, size, or style, including dashes and melismata.

Composition and Transcription Features

  • Notate scores as large as 64 staves per system with up to eight voices per staff.
  • Cross-staff beaming extends beams across staves for multi-staff instruments.
  • Guitar tablature automatically notates tablature for up to 8 strings in any tuning with definable fret position.
  • Percussion staff notates rhythms with multiple note heads and assignable staff position.
  • Note duration and multiple voices are automatically "guessed" and then beamed appropriately.
  • Auto spacing automatically spaces notes for easy reading.
  • Additional symbols for rhythm-part chord slashes, arpeggio sign and fingering numbers.
  • Insert or delete measures, pages, systems or staves anytime, anywhere in the composition.
  • Transcribes Master Tracks Pro or Standard MIDI Files.
  • Directly transcribes live input from MIDI instruments in real time.
  • Linear view allows an entire score to be viewed as one system.
  • Add guitar chord fret diagrams and chord names to your scores and lead sheets.
  • Easily add a pickup measure to your score.

MIDI Performance Features

  • Plays back MIDI interpretations of dynamics, hairpins, repeats, endings, and articulations.
  • OMS and built-in Mac Synthesizer support (Mac only).
  • New Tempo Window, Color, Bank Select, and On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Sustain pedal markings affect MIDI.
  • Swing quantization gives music a swing feel.
  • Tempo indications can affect playback.
  • Assign up to 8 separate voices on each staff for playback over different MIDI channels.
  • Align the playback to match the current graphic appearance of your music.
  • Encore recognizes and generates MIDI Song Position Pointer and MIDI Clocks for syncing.
  • Select any number of MIDI ports using OMS (Mac only) or up to 32 MIDI channels with other MIDI Drivers.
  • Hear notes play over MIDI as you enter them with the mouse.
  • MIDI Panic Button sends an "all notes off" message at any time.

Other Features

  • Mac and Windows version share same format, files are transfer-able between platforms.
  • Supports OMS for Macintosh.
  • Windows Soundcard compatible
  • Supports Industry Standard MIDI Files.

Page Layout and Printing Features

  • Import Encore EPS files from many popular Publishing applications.
  • Choose between engraver's spacing and mathematically perfect alignment of notes.
  • Measures of rest can be compressed into one measure.
  • User can define global spacing defaults of staves, clefs, lyrics, chords, key, and meter.
  • Reminder time signatures can be displayed or hidden.
  • Use any font in your system for text, lyrics, chords, staff names, and measure numbers.
  • Place headers and footers on each page.
  • Print your scores using Passport's Anastasia Font on any TrueType® or Postscript® printer.
  • Print an entire score, individual pages, or extracted parts.
  • Print reduced or enlarged images or print large compositions in "tiles."
Upgrade / Update € 89,-

Encore Vollversion € 219,-

Encore 5 Info

Encore Notation - The Musician's Choice for Composing & Publishing - Windows & Mac

Encore 5, download
Upgrade Encore 5, download

MusicTime Deluxe 4.0.4

General Features

  • Produce musical scores quickly and easily with MusicTime Deluxe's clear, intuitive user interface
  • Notate up to sixteen staves with up to eight instruments per staff
  • Prints beautiful sheet music on your printer
  • Enter music with your mouse or from your computer keyboard
  • Record your performance live using a MIDI keyboard for instant display of notation
  • Add guitar chord diagrams and chord names to your scores and lead sheets
  • Transpose and hear your music in any key
  • Lyric entry formats words with music for up to eight lines
  • Cross-staff beaming extends beams across staves
  • Automatic import/export of any standard MIDI file or Master Tracks Pro file
  • Displays and prints any item(s) in your score

Editing Features

  • Place notes and rests anywhere on scores just by clicking your mouse
  • Enter text anywhere on a page in any font, size and style
  • Enter song lyrics that line up with the notes quickly and easily
  • Change the key, clef and time signature anywhere in your score
  • Chord symbols transpose automatically when you transpose your music
  • Place notation symbols by selecting from convenient symbol palettes
  • Easily change any element: notes, accidentals, markings, lyrics, text, etc.

Performance Features

  • Accurately scores your live playing complete with beaming
  • Audition and select different MIDI instruments for each staff
  • Set the playback levels of each staff with on-screen volume controls
  • View the music as it plays to both see and hear your composition
  • Piano keyboard window keys light up in color as music plays


  • Prints standard MIDI files as finished sheet music
  • Print the entire score or individual pages
  • Full color printer support for parts or entire score

New Features

  • New Score Wizard
  • Universal Binary and Vista compliant
  • Over 25 Templates and unlimited user created templates
  • Toolbar
  • Help Tooltips for all buttons
  • Cleaner onscreen display
  • Extract all parts with automatic naming option
  • Live dragging of all objects
  • Preroll click option
  • Transposed or "C" score option
  • Beginning measure number offset
  • Added menu items
  • Auto Spacing when dragging notes, barlines and systems
  • Enhanced MIDI playback
  • Simplified Accidentals option
  • Full DLS and Soundfont support
  • More shortcuts
  • Editing Features
Upgrade / Update € 49,-

Vollversion € 89,-

MusicTime Info

Music Time Deluxe - The Easy Way to Write, Play, and Print Music  - Windows & Mac

MusicTime Deluxe 4 deutsches Handbuch - Anleitung online

MusicTime 4
MusicTime 4

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